reminder: ferguson and palestine are still happening and are still important even though there’s less attention being paid to them right now

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On September 11th 1973, US-backed General Pinochet overthrew the democratically elected leader of Chile, Salvadore Allende. Pinochet ordered an air strike on the Presidential Palace, labor activists and famous folk guitarists were rounded up for torture, disappeared, and killed.

Pinochet converted the national football stadium into a detention facility like Guantanamo Bay. Chile’s economy was turned into a plantation for the 1%, as inequality and poverty skyrocketed under the imposed Milton Friedman-style economic model.

Over 40,000 Chileans became victims of Pinochet’s terror. In response, the Nixon administration committed more money, more training, more torture equipment.

The world didn’t begin on September 11th, 2001. Rather, for the first time in modern history, Americans were visited by the same violence the US has imposed since its creation.

In Chile, the US murdered tens of thousands and impoverished millions. This wasn’t America’s first foray in international terrorism, nor would it be the last.

The United States security state is a terrorist and a plague on the people of the world.

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…9-1-1 may well have injected the essential element of self-interested incentive to change.

Thus must the country at last and in the fullest sense commence the task of coming face to face with the stark horrors of which its historical burden is comprised: not just what has been done to the Iraqis, but, as bin Laden himself pointed out, to the Palestinians as well. And, to be sure, there are others: the millions of Timorese, Guatemalans, Indonesians and comparable victims of America’s client regimes since 1945; the millions of Indochinese slaughtered by U.S. troops during the “Vietnam Era”; the untold numbers of Koreans massacred at places like No Gun Ri; the million-odd Japanese civilians deliberately burned alive not just at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but in the massive incendiary raids flown against Tokyo and other cities during World War II; the hundreds of thousands of Filipinos butchered during the American conquest of their homeland at the dawn of the twentieth century.

To this, still more must be added: the millions lost to the Middle Passage, shipped as livestock from Africa to fuel the rise of America’s economy through their slavery; the millions of their relatives worked to death as chattel labor, both before and since “Emancipation”; the thousands of blacks lynched during the Klan’s century-long postreconstruction “festival of violence”; the Chinese who stood not “a Chinaman’s chance” of surviving their indenture while building America’s railroads and sinking its deep shaft mines; the Mexican migrant laborers dead of pesticides in California fields; the twelve-million-or-more Third World kids who perish each year of poverty-induced afflictions, their very subsistence siphoned into providing the cellphones and other paraphernalia now deemed all-important to the average Americans “quality of life.”

These are but a few of the highlights—more accurately, the low points—of the history American triumphalism has sought not only to silence, but to transmute into the opposite of itself. Recasting the country’s narrative self-conception in a form wherein such matters assume their proper place as defining ingredients would go far towards dispelling the illusion that the words “innocent” and “American” are synonymous.


~   Ward Churchill | Acts of Rebellion: Notes on the Interaction of History and Justice (2003)

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Same here son, same here.

Where the notes

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Anonymous asked:

What do you think of white people





A program that will not debug itself. 

that’s a bit of a generalization. anglo-germanic people have been the central white oppressors throughout history. you can look at places like ireland and see that they never took part in institutionalized oppression outside of isolated individuals. as a matter of fact, many irish were enslaved.
lastly, many african and asian nations have a long running history of human trafficking and institutionalized racism. look at places like zimbabwe or india or somalia or bangladesh. do they also refuse to debug themselves?

gotta stay hip and cool in your cultural studies class though, i guess.

Error _1: Anonymous specifically inquired about white people. 

Error _2: Who is teaching your cultural studies class? From what books do you learn from? Who are the authors? I can assure you that it is highly probable that the information given is from a one-sided perspective.

Error_3: Please view map of European Expansion 


Error_4: Think about how over the years european expansion has affected places such as Zimbabwe or India.  Many countries still suffer from the effects of colonization. 

Error_5: Regardless of a tumulus past, the Irish people are still in fact european and benefit from white privilege. Were the Irish people fighting alongside civil rights leaders for basic human rights? Please inform me, if Irish people have to take safety precautions to walk outside at night because of their “ethnicity”. 

Error_6: “that’s a bit of a generalization. anglo-germanic people have been the central white oppressors throughout history” This is equal to the statement, “not all white people”. Once again, shifting the subject to one selves at the expense of your own comfort and simultaneously pointing fingers at other peoples who have at one point in time been victims of European colonization.  

i’m just like what prompts you to say “that’s a generalization” as a response to “a system that will not debug itself”

Episode 13: Unafraid of the Dark, Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey

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Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving)

The Matrix (1999) Written and Directed by Andy and Lana Wachowski

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Igor Morski ’s Surreal Magical World

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Artist Igor Morski takes us to his dream world by creating unbelievable surreal illustations.  Morski has created many wonderful and spectacular surrealistic illustrations. He is known and celebrated for his huge imagination and creativity, for being able to bring to life such interesting situations.

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Columbia University Student Will Drag Her Mattress Around Campus Until Her Rapist Is Gone

"I think the act of carrying something that is normally found in our bedroom out into the light is supposed to mirror the way I’ve talked to the media and talked to different news channels, etc," Emma continues in the full video which you can watch here. 

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Welcome to FDR’s Internment Camps

A sad truth.

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Opaque  by  andbamnan